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How we work

Penta Solutions provide cutting edge solutions yet as flexible to meet diverse requirements of clients. We deliver high value software solutions to different business industries understanding their business needs professionally to plan, build, test, deliver and maintain in most effective and efficient manner.

Defining the scope of work

This phase involves an insight of clients business and industry where it operates in to understand the needs and requirements to determine the goal of our software engineering skill to develop a solution for client .

Defining Functional Specifications

It is in this phase where it is decided as to what features are to be included in the software and what are not to be.
A Technical Design Document (TDD) is worked out. A prototype of the proposed software is built, which enables client to review the product and permits incorporation of any required changes in the early development stage itself.

Initial Software Development

Based on the client-approved prototype, the actual software development is put into action. Our Development model allows real time online and over the phone product monitoring by the client as it develops, which prevents any possible product deviations instantly and directly without wasting any pro-production time and energy for us and client.


Our Software Development Team prepares a ‘Test Plan’ describing the various levels of testing, including unit testing, integration testing and system testing, for the software. A team of highly-experienced testers examine the real-time operation of the software. Rigorous Testing methodologies are employed to resolve and prioritize bugs, and ensure that the software is robust.

Product Deployment

The product is incorporated into client business. Penta Solutions team deploys the software, familiarizes client environment with the software, and acquires final approval from the client on the project.

Other facilities with Pents solutions product package

The developed Software for client (Ordered product)
Quality Assurance Documentation
Technical Specifications Documentation and Design Documentation
User Manual
Installation Program and Guidelines
Documented Source Code
Maintenance Instrucitons
The client reserves the right to the intellectual property. Our Development team provides constant system support after installation.

Our Support and maintenance facility involves

Product Updations to Improve Product Usability
Solving Product-related Technical Issues
Consultation on Product Usage

Software Development and Management Company