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Penta Solutions business policy

PENTA SOLUTIONS business strategy is to provide core value added solutions for clients based on their needs. We operate a strategy that focuses on being innovative in quality deliverables, continuously strive for client challenges and evolves accordingly to provide cutting – edge solutions, that ensure efficiency sustainability of the software product.

  • How We Deliver

    PENTA SOLUTIONS can share its expertise with our clients in a wide range of solutions, from initial concepts, to design framework, develop, testing, launching and continuous support and product improvement.

  • Business Idea

    PENTA SOLUTIONS can provide solutions in regards to any software engineering while gaining some insight into your business mission and goal to help its clients with its innovativeness to find out a realistic solution that stays as company’s gesture of expertise to achieve a client’s vision.

  • Research & Development

    In PENTA SOLUTIONS we always practice primary and secondary market research to explore the potentiality of the market, existing and latent customer requirements, capital funding for the venture, determine required expertise and technology, analyze competition, and develop actionable information.

  • Our Product Cost design

    PENTA SOLUTIONS prepares Business Case projecting project benefits and the costs involved to evaluate the potentiality of the project. Project requirements and deliverables involved are thoroughly studied; project is visualized as it unfolds, and cost is allocated to various WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) WPs (Work Packages); and a Baseline cost is arrived at for each project activity. Mostly our cost structure are hourly or fixed price models .

  • Project Delivery Timeline

    PENTA SOLUTIONS develops comprehensive project schedule that defines each process involved and establishes delivery timeline for each process. We consider the project scope, size, project requirements, costs involved, each project phase, availability of personnel and expertise, and tasks assigned to each team member, and map them to a realistic timeline.

  • Our Human resources and expertise

    Getting the right people for a project is crucial to its success. Our deep experience in IT and Project Development, and our global connections, enable us to understand your existing and latent requirements better, and empowers us with the ability to identify the right resources with the unique skill set essential to your project.

  • Monitoring and Control

    Constant monitoring is performed through each phase by our project development executives. Our Project Development model allows for parallel online product monitoring by the client as it evolves, to prevent possibilities of product deviations, and to provide greater project control to the client.

  • Quality & Testing

    A ‘Test Plan’ is prepared to describe the various levels of testing for the product. Ri8gorous Testing methodologies are employed to ensure that the product conforms exactly to client specification.

  • Implementation & Support

    The product is incorporated into client business. PENTA SOLUTIONS team deploys the software, familiarizes assigned personnel on the client- end with the software, and acquires final approval from the client on the project. Our Development team provides 24/7 technical support after installation

  • Quality Assurance in All Stages

    We ensure that quality reflects in every phase of our project development lifecycle by adopting a process-driven approach that derivers deliverables that are in alignment with client objectives. Outcomes of every phase are closely monitored for deviations. Our quality processes are constantly enhanced to meet industry standards and render quality solutions.

  • Creating Best Value

    ‘Creating Best Value’ is the way of business at PENTA SOLUTIONS, and this policy is not just confined to every phase of project lifecycle, but transforms into a continual process that goes beyond the preliminary product creation to enhancing the product standard for as long as there are advancements, and delivers sustainable value to our clients.

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